“The Actomatics are a quintet out of Longwood Florida fronted vocalist/keyboardist Shadow Pearson. Whether or not you like The Actomatics will probably come down to how you feel about Pearson’s vocals. Personally, i enjoy them; they give the songs more uniquness. All of the songs on 10 Stories are pretty good. They’re fresh and well written. The Actomatics show some range on the release. Hot Tracks: Lighthouse. Actomatic. 10 Stories 3 stars”
Kevin Kozel – MuzikReviews.com

“Pearson, lead singer for Central Florida music-scene fixture The Actomatics, spent better than a year helping that band craft an eloquent rock album devoted to a range of emotions tied to the months of heat, humidity and heartbreak of short-lived love.”
Jim Abbott – The Orlando Sentinel

“The sophomore release from Orlando band The Actomatics is ten songs of deftly textured rich melodies. The bands music is highlighted by the sultry vocal style of lead singer Shadow Pearson. Her voice caresses the lyrics. The musicianship shines on “Summer is Risky’. The CD is captivating upon first listen and reveals more wonders every time through. an instant classic.”
Kat Coffin – Orlando Local Music Examiner

“O-town rock band The Actomatics already celebrated it’s Cd release in Volusia County, but the group will celebrate the album again with an upcoming show in Orlando. The Actomatics will showcase it’s terrific ‘Summer is Risky’ at 8pm March 2 at Will’s Pub.”
Jim Abbott – The Orlando Sentinel Calendar

“This cowboy-pop quartet of merry gentlemen is led by a female singer with a throaty delivery that brings to mind Maria Mckee.”
The Orlando Weekly

“Straight outa Longwood comes this band that makes moody melodic rock with splashes of blues and cowboy music. the female lead singer sounds like a girlish Janis Joplin’ ”
Creative Loafing magazine

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